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Need some inspiration?

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We're here to give you the best T-Shirt Yarn at the lowest prices available. Our yarn isn't made from old t-shirts; it's actually made at the same factories that create designer clothing, bedspreads, and other textile products. We import all of our yarn from Europe so you always get high quality, cotton and lycra yarn that's durable, pretty, and versatile. Make a laptop case, a purse, or even a full blown backpack if you're feeling adventurous; there's no limit to what you can do with T-Shirt Yarn. Looking for inspiration? You'll find lots on our Pinterest page and our Instagram, @tshirtyarn.

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Weekly #Fabuloop Giveaway!

Weekly #Fabuloop Giveaway!

Howdy everyone! Things have really picked up in the past few weeks with tons of you coming to our store for some fine yarn, and that's just dandy. To show...

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