"White" Mini T-Shirt Yarn ~70 yards, 65 m

$ 6.99

Now, you can never have too much yarn... but sometimes smaller projects call for smaller skeins. If you're looking to make a few bracelets, a smaller scarf, or a cell phone case then a mini skein is just what you need! And if low shipping is your thing, then it doesn't get any cheaper than these bad boys. Same great yarn, new low price. Try mixing and matching them together to see what you can make with Fab-U-Loop yarn!

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Number of Skeins: One
Recommended needle size is US15 (10mm).

Each skein is approximately .75 lbs, 5 - 6 inches tall and varies slightly in length.

The pictures and descriptions above are provided to describe the colors and sizes. However, there may be times when the color in the picture does not exactly match the color in stock.

Please note: Although rare, some skeins may include slight imperfections such as seams or places where the yarn has been connected together due to the up-cycled nature of the t-shirt yarn. While this is part of the character of the t-shirt yarn, these rare imperfections can be hidden during knitting.

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