Grafting Needle 4 Pack (Free Shipping!)

$ 3.99

Free shipping!

Grafting needles are used for joining multiple pieces of knitted fabric together. You know that little bit of yarn that is always leftover when you're crocheting something? Just use one of these grafting needles to thread it through the edge of another piece to join them together! A must have for people making blankets, quilts and rugs.

Not trying to join two pieces together? Use one of these bad boys to tuck away the extra length of yarn so it's completely unnoticeable. Why deal with cutting it down to size and then having to break out the needle and thread to sow it in place when you can use a grafting needle and be done in 15 seconds? 

What you're getting: a four pack of these needles, two small and two large. 
We send out any random colors that you see in the product picture. 

Small needle length: 2 3/4 inches.
Large needle length: 3 5/8 inches.

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